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Resilience is a resource and a quality that we should all develop in our life, it should be taught in school along with empathy. It was precisely biodance that helped and trained me to move from resistance to life events to flexibility within life events.
The path of biodance for me has been and is a resilient path because it works on the identity of the participant, on his self-esteem, increasing his confidence in life.
It is an existential rehabilitation and highlights the unexpected resources we have, even after traumatic events, wounds, offenses, etc; thus the resilient process is evolutionary, it makes us reborn from our own ashes, reconnecting us to our inner strength, rediscovering courage and the joy of living.
Being resilient means resisting shocks without breaking, and of course it happens within a path of inner awareness. “The world breaks everyone and then many are strong in their broken points”, so Ernest Hemingway said. I have learned that we must be wise enough to understand that when we cannot change circumstances, we must change ourselves.
Biodanza, above all through the movement of fluidity, flexibility and lightness, invites us every time to experience resilience, to recognize that we hold the scepter of our life, that our personal power, our resources, our potentials are the tools
  we have at our disposal to transform adversities and obstacles into opportunities and solutions, thanks to a vivacious training that allows us to cross our feelings and relive continuous rebirths and transformations.
As the philosopher Giordano Bruno said to his disciple, in his last farewell speech before being burned alive at the stake, "... Man is not bad, Sagredo, he is just unhappy ... it is his little mind that is the cause of his unhappiness ... The day will come, Sagredo, that man will wake up from oblivion and finally understand who he really is and who has given up the reins of his existence, to a deceptive, lying mind, which makes him and keeps him a slave ... Look inside yourself , Sagredo, listen to your inner voice and remember that the only true Master is the Being who whispers within you. Listen to it: it is the Truth and it is within you. You are divine, never forget it ”.
In feeling that we have within us, resilience becomes for me the art of being able, despite the apparent frailties, to always say yes to life, accepting what we cannot change and trying to improve what can be changed, and often that we are something.

Antonella - facilitator

For some time now, in this pandemic time where time is sometimes timeless, on Wednesday evenings from 20.20 to 21.30, time is resurrected, it becomes thoughtful and exciting, it becomes body and faces and sounds and movement in discreetly lit houses, where we, biodancing animals, find, for a while, our true measure and inner peace.


It is an eccentric dimension: all of us who practice this discipline, know how intimately it is made up of contact, caresses, hugs, patrols with the heads resting one on the neighbor's shoulder, expansion of one's senses within music made to jump the dimension of the everyday and being in a better elsewhere.


Do it through Gianna's words, through a screen, with all our beautiful faces a little stretched out towards her words and the music, then get up to dance,  then sitting down again and listening is a kind of sublimation of all this, but it is a wonderful help, it is still a meeting in the name of inner strength, of the balance necessary to face this infinite emergency, it is a real cure, not virtual, from which we all eventually emerge with another light in our eyes, we can see even if we are far from each other, we have finished dancing or listening to ourselves with our eyes closed while the music teaches us to live, and our goodbye again for a while in this only visual form, it is always a confident goodbye to a wonderful meeting in the middle of a meadow, with our beautiful smiling faces, dancing together again, in the name of new life.


Thanks Gianna, from the bottom of my heart, for your fatigue and your iron will to keep us united anyway, waiting to finally find ourselves in front of each other. Soon.  


Your Betti

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