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KALA:      EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE there are no limits


MANAWA: the present moment is THE MOMENT OF POWER 




(with gratitude, from

the 7 principles of Huna shamanism)


From Biodanza to Non-therapy

From ancestral medicine a one-to-one proposal for your integrated health: body-mind-spirit

curated by Giovanna Benatti

Giovanna Benatti

Sociologist. Director of the Scuola di Biodanza Centro Gaja in Vicenza. He has developed - in a team with psychotherapists and psychiatrists - the application protocol of Biodanza in the clinical and social area. She is scientific director of the International Forum of social and clinical Biodanza, member of the research team at the University of Padua on the results in Biodanza. Holder of the Ibf Master "Biodanza and mental health. Foundation of social inclusion", which he already has  specialized in more than 200 operators in the world, Giovanna is a trainer in Italy, Europe and South America and promoter of clinical Biodanza projects in collaboration with the main health agencies.

For over twenty-five years I have been dedicated to the integrated health and personal growth of human beings: women, men, children and adolescents, people with mental illness and different abilities, mood and addiction disorders, anxiety disorders and eating behavior, disorders related to stress and fatigue of living.


This variegated humanity, each different, each unique and unrepeatable, each with an indispensable value for the health of the community and of the human species, has been a teacher for me, has transformed my life and made me what I am today, a human being. walking with an irreducible and visceral desire to help make this world a better place to live.


From Biodanza the Rolando Toro system, the system I proposed at a group level - a pedagogy with body mediation that brings life back to the center and the value of the celebration of every history and every human being - I was more than formed, I would say FORGED, to to see that there is in fact no healing induced from the outside, by a hypothetical "therapeutic alter" administering a "good practice".


Biodanza has redeemed in me as a facilitator rather the vivencia that in every living being exists, beyond discomfort and suffering, a powerful, vibrant and perpetual core of self-healing and plasticity, a resource of rebirth and perennial transtasis: that is the irreducible capacity of life to take steps towards evolution, gradually integrating higher levels of health and fullness. This indomitable ability to generate life and health in each of us is awakened by a context enriched with positive eco-factors, where the person returns to the center, not with his discomfort, but with his resource and his healthy part.

Living and  facilitating a pedagogy with body mediation such as Biodanza, while dancing I retraced its origins, and I understood that the value of this methodology actually houses the lessons of ancestral medicine and shamanism, or rather of the medicine of the origins.


I have lived for years in contact with African shamans and healers, breathing from each of them the great value of the sacredness of every life and every story, and I have learned from priests of sacred herbs in the Amazon that the loss of connection of even a single being human alters the whole complex of living beings.


This time of high complexity led me to reflect on the opportunity of how to continue, especially NOW, to propose ways of treatment and health. Now more than ever it is important to protect life and health and make sense of our journey.


And this is how the ONE-TO-ONE space of NON THERAPY was born from my eternal gratitude to Biodanza and from my experience of shamanism and ancestral medicine.

Action on the healthy part


Active listening

Positive ecofactors


your mission

Who is NON THERAPY for?  TO YOU! because..


make a path of personal growth through active listening, positive thinking and the mandala of the word


the need for a protected space of care and listening to put order in the priorities and focuses of your life

You have

decided that your suffering  and discomfort are only "a part of the whole"

Do you want

live your life fully, moving beyond limiting beliefs and convictions


of wanting to retrain your world of relationships, your emotional world and your sexuality

You have

understood that the time has come to bring your talents to the field

Do you want

discover your DAIMON, that is, your unique mission in this life!



is a protected, precious and valuable space for YOU,

is weekly,

is a place to feel free and listened to,

go beyond suffering

and take flight.



On Zoom



On appointment


Make your appointment!



For many years I have suffered from an eating disorder called bulimia nervosa.
I asked for help from many different professionals, psychologists and psychiatrists, but none of the treatment paths I followed allowed me to get better.
Then I met Gio, I embarked on the path of Non-Therapy with her and everything in my life has changed. Now I am so much better because I love myself more than before, I feel free and I am looking for my light.
Love, freedom, light. Be love, love yourself, love, be free, let yourself be free, let your own light shine. These are the most beautiful things that Non-Therapy has brought into my life.
I have experienced that when I change something inside of me, my world also changes, that everything I think creates my reality, that by healing my wounds, my family constellations also heal.
I have learned to always follow what I feel, every time I feel it, to live with my heart everything that happens in the here and now, to place myself in the relationships that make me feel good, to entrust my desires to life.
Gio accompanied me on this journey and gave me the concrete tools to heal my wounds, heal my relationships and create a field of positive energy around me. With these tools, which no one before her had been able to give me, I can now walk independently with a light step, smiling at life. 


Angela after 9 months

From December to today I have worked with Gio on many parts of me, on the shadows and on the lights, with effort, commitment, joy and gratitude. I am amazed every day at how fast the change is happening in me. Looking back at that dark period when I was deeply sad and when nothing seemed to go right, I don't recognize myself. Today I feel stronger, more beautiful, more serene, more grateful, with a great desire to live my life and to take many other evolutionary steps. The bulimia I had been battling for years is no longer a problem and the menstrual cycle that has disappeared for months is back to normal. 

Non-Therapy has taught me to choose my words carefully, to pay attention to my thoughts because with these I create the world around me and that my energies always go where I direct attention. 

I understand that the quality of my life changes profoundly when I choose to be only in relationships and fluid situations that make me feel good and that nourish me, when I speak to life with confidence and from the heart, when I focus on abundance and not about deficiency without playing the victim, when I immerse myself and breathe in the present moment. 

I worked a lot on my anxiety: performance anxiety, of not making it, of not being enough, of not achieving the desired results. I understood that what matters is not being perfect, but flawless, that is, doing my best, relying on life and my feelings, trying to disconnect from the result. 

I worked a lot on my relationships with the male: I ended relationships that were not healthy for me or that didn't feed me enough, I experienced love, I cured my fear of being abandoned, leaving people free to be at mine or not. flank. I am more aware of what I want from a loving relationship: I want to be loved with intensity and depth because I deserve it. 

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