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Become a world-class mental health professional

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From Wednesday 4th to Sunday 8th September


From Friday 4th to Sunday 6th October


training hours


training hours


training hours

We make a difference in our schools

After COVID, in the area of mental health there is an ever-increasing demand for figures of excellence . As Biodanza professionals we are called to train ourselves to spread this highly qualified and effective pedagogy of care, stimulating its social use and encouraging the presence of the Biodanza system in the main care agencies of the territory (in the social, clinical, educational sectors).

The Master in Biodanza and Mental Health is an extension certified and licensed by the IBF network and you will have the opportunity to learn directly from the creator of the Biodanza and Mental Health protocol, Giovanna Benatti.  The course can be held in Italian, Spanish and English, as well as fully translated on stage.

Program reserved only for Biodanza SRT facilitators and authorized internship students

45 training hours  divided between:

  • theory

  • methodology

  • laboratories

Access the video recordings
The complete video recordings of each module are always available to you online and / or downloadable.

Receive all the material

Presentations, templates and ladders will also be provided so that you can use them during your training, profession, teamwork and research.

Receive the Clinical Biodanza exercise book
You will know the Clinical Biodanza exercise book that will allow you to operate successfully in the world of mental health.

Scientific research

You will be integrated into the network of facilitators and accompanied in the creation of a multidisciplinary team to carry out the research. There are many new studies on Clinical Biodanza.

3 modules - 3 ways

  • In five days residential course

9 hours a day between theory and vivencia

  • In two long weekend course

Friday 7h30h, Saturday 8h and Sunday 8h

  • In three long weekend course

Friday 3h, Saturday 6h and Sunday 6h

Program and Contents

Module 1

  • History of Madness in the Western World:  from the iconography of the "fool of God" to mental illness as a devil symbol, from the visible asylum to the invisible one, the story of madness through the concept of stigma.


  • Concept of difference according to biology and according to sociology and political economy:  the biocentric culture as the referent and foundation of a new sociology and a new human coexistence. Respect for difference as a social policy.


  • The figure of the madman in ancestral culture and religious iconography:  from ancestral cultures and from early medicine a new way of relating to psychic suffering. In the circle of Biodanza an echo of the origins and a powerful prospect for the care of human beings.

  • Relationship of the facilitator with their difference: recognizing and affirming their difference is part of a process of personal growth that makes the Biodanza facilitator qualified as a spokesperson for the culture of inclusion.


  • Facilitator's relationship with the difference of participants:  train yourself to recognize in a group pedagogy system such as Biodanza, how the individual differences of the participants express specific requests and needs.


  • Classification of neurotic and psychotic disorders:  an important classification to know, bearing in mind, however, that Biodanza does not work with the diagnostician, but with the person.


  • Identity of the clinical Biodanza facilitator:  forming yourself with a clear and strong identity as Biodanza Clinica professionals means making available a unique pedagogical competence that is increasingly intertwined in synergy with all health professionals.


  • The Centro Gaja protocol of Biodanza application in the clinical area: knowing the origin, structure and how to effectively use a work tool that was developed from experience.


  • Theory, methodology and application of Biodanza in the area of mental health:  schizophrenic, psychotic and autism disorders; bipolar disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Modulo 2

  • Correlation between motor skills and touches (Masaje Vivencial Method - Maite Bernardelle): there is a deep correlation in mammals between movement and intuitive touch. This method, which is based on contact as a human right, has guided the conception and application of Biodanza Clinica in all conditions and situations of reduced or absent mobility. Thus we learn that the vivencia of Biodanza does not lie in motor skills, but in the motivation to live of every human being.


  • Theory, methodology and application of Biodanza in the area of different abilities and motor skills (reduced or absent): how to learn to apply Biodanza in collectives where there are people with Down syndrome, cognitive retardation or special needs, prioritizing the different intelligences and expressive resources of each participant.


  • Theory, methodology and application of Biodanza in the area of mood disorders:  the starting point, clearly visible in the Biodanza groups, is to discern between a person with depression and a depressed environment, and to offer qualified tools to strengthen identity and self-esteem and thus offer a real path of existential rehabilitation.

Module 3

  • The professionalism of the clinical Biodanza facilitator. "Team work" and "network work":  in this course you will receive excellent training to be able to co-create, dialogue, collaborate and develop projects rooted in the territory with the main figures of health professionals. You will also become part of a local and international network of Clinical Biodanza facilitators which aims to bring the Biodanza system and training schools to the fore in their essence as "engines of inclusion, empowerment and social action".  


  • Design area.  How to draw up a project:  LABORATORY in which the most effective language and methods are learned to approach, dialogue and implement institutional projects of Social and Clinical Biodanza.


  • Supervision area. Creation and facilitation of a Clinical Biodanza class with supervision: GROUP LABORATORY to master the curve, times and dynamics of a Clinical Biodanza session. Acquiring security of one's identity as facilitators of Clinical Biodanza means offering a process in total adherence and listening to each participant and is the maximum expression of the heart of Clinical Biodanza: "do not control a process, but accompany it. Do not cure a disease, but take care of a person".


  • Delivery of handouts and audio-visual didactic material: at the end of the course you will receive valuable material that can accompany you throughout the process of co-creation and implementation of the projects.


  • Graduation ceremony.


By the teacher Giovanna Benatti

An excellent experience. Giovanna transmits all her profound and professional background to each participant with the training and personally.

The professionalism of this extension rooted in science is the future of Biodanza.


Marcus Stueck

Psychologist, university researcher and director of the Biodanza school in Riga (Latvia)

The work of Biodanza Clinica and Mental Health has been wonderful. We did it at the Biodanza Bàtiica school in 2018. It moved us every moment and left us strongly inspired and full of enthusiasm to bet on this line of work in Biodanza. Thanks to Giovanna and her immense love for her work and her professionalism! "


Alejandra Villegas

Psychologist, researcher, Director of the Biodanza school in Leipzig (Germany)

The extension of Clinical Biodanza allows us to delve into the issue of mental health from the perspective of the "healthy part" , such as that of Biodanza. This gives tools for handling and working with people's mental health. It is a complete, profound extension and Giovanna manages to convey her very profound knowledge on this subject in a very beautiful and amiable way.


Myriam Sofia Lopez

Director of the Colombian foundation of Biodanza

A training course of excellence. In which the order and depth of the theory are mixed with the priceless experiential knowledge gained by Giovanna over many years. A fundamental improvement for those who want to specialize in this area.

Ugo Rizzo

Director of the Biodanza school of Puglia (Italy)

Much more than a decade has passed and I still have a clear picture of our beloved teacher Rolando Toro in Milan granting recognition to the Mental Health Master. How important is this application, which contains the most human transformation tools we can imagine.

In each new edition as in the memorable one organized in Spain by the Biodanza Schools

of Zaragoza, from the Hispanic School of Madrid and from that of the Basque Country, excellent professionals emerge who will bring Biodanza and mental health to spread health and happiness

in the most necessary and most difficult to reach areas.

Always my great recognition Giovanna Benatti for this powerful creation.


Maite Bernardelle

Director of the Hispanic School of Madrid and creator of the Masaje Vivencial Method and the Biodanza application in massage

45 training hours

Receive video recordings

Clinical Biodanza exercise book

Receive all the material

Scientific research

3 modules - 3 ways

How to participate



Sign up for the specialization course reserved for authorized facilitators and trainees.

limited seats available.

€ 600.00 ii

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